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King of Kensington
16 December 2017 @ 11:21 pm
Pain Level: 8
King of Kensington
18 February 2017 @ 03:51 pm
So, I literally stood in a long-assed line at the checkout in Walmart for 15 minutes before realizing I left my wallet in my car.

This is my luck.
King of Kensington
24 January 2017 @ 11:40 pm
Oh, BTW, why is my friends feed always limited to just the last 7 posts.? What the fuck is that all about? If this is the *new* LiveJournal, then this has really become a shittastic blogging site.

Thank you, Russia.  You took over the site and turned it into a heaping, steaming pile of shit.

And while you're at it, tell Putin to put a Goddam shirt on, for fuck sakes!
King of Kensington
24 January 2017 @ 11:34 pm
I think my LJ has become a bitchfest. I haven't had any real heartwarming story to tell lately. Everything seems to be me bitching about something.

Well, today is another chapter in Bitchfest 2017

The same buddy I was talking about in my last post decided to push my buttons today.
I know it's just a petty thing, but when the same petty thing is done over and over, it becomes my own personal Chinese Water Torture treatment.

We've been playing the lottery for years now. We usually wait until the jackpot is high and we'll each buy a ticket because we live in different cities (me in the city and him in a town outside of the city), jus tto spread out our luck.
He always gives me the ticket he purchases, for whatever reason, and I'll take a photo of the ticket I purchase and send it to him. I've told him a million times to just hold onto the ticket and jus send me a photo of it. But no, he still brings the ticket to me. That's fine. I won't go nuts over that.
But, whenever I'm not there for him to give me the ticket, he'll hold onto it...sometimes weeks on end if I'm on vacation or he's on vacation. But will he check the tickets to see if we won anything? Nooooo...he still gives me the tickets the next time we see each other. I'll ask him if he's checked them and he'll always say no.
Like, seriously dude? And if that's not bad enough, he'll constantly bug me with "did we win anything? Did you check our tickets?"
When I tell him I didn't check them, he gives me that sarcastic comment of "you mean I could be still here, working when I could be telling the company to go fuck themselves?"
I bite my tongue because that's the kind of guy I am, but dude...why do you have to push my buttons like that? Is he that dense?
Well, I can askwer that myself because he's not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to some things, but he's alright.
I just wish he would be more sensible and think before h e speaks sometimes.

There was something else I wanted to get off my chest, but I've forgotten what it was. It'll come to me in the middle of the night. That I'm sure.
King of Kensington
09 January 2017 @ 09:04 pm
It's a new year and already the frustrations have begun at work.

The first one is my "buddy".
He bitched and complained about some people that bail out early every day, yet just a week into 2017, he's gotten on my nerves with his own actions.
He comes in later than me, yet leaves before 4PM.
Normally I wouldn't care, but it bothers me that I'm always in before 8AM and I'm always stuck there at least 45 minutes late.
I don't bitch and complain (much) because I know it's part of the job, but it gets to me that others complain when they see people leaving early, then they go and do the same thing...and they'll still complain!

It's interesting to see people's reactions when you ask them questions you already know the answers to, yet they pretend to sound confused about the questions and then lie right to your face. And then go to the extreme and make up stories to try to distance themselves from the questions.
How can you trust a person like that?
I got that with a new employee today.
He was recently hired and we know he was recommended by his girlfriend, another employee in the place.
So, someone asked him if it was true that he was the boyfriend of so-and-so. I know it's not anyone's business if he is or not, but you knew someone was going to ask at some point. He sounded surprised by the question, then his face started to turn red a little, and he flat out denied it.
He could have just left it at that and that would be the end of it. But noooo. He had to go on and start making up stories about who her boyfriend is and what he does and so on. So I ask, how can you trust someone that'll do that? Not a good first impression, that's for sure.
The only reason it was curious to me was because this girlfriend of his is one stuck up bitch. She never speaks to anyone, and when she does, she's very disrespectful in how she goes about it.
We'll pass each other every single day and she'll never say as much as a hello. And it's not just with me, it's with just about everyone.
A few years ago I overheard her, in a meeting, say something about the production guys that made me want to interrupt them and tell her to fuck off.
It was about something along the lines of someone not doing something they're supposed to do by way of record keeping, and she blurts out "it's no surprise it's not done, these union guys are just uneducated people there to collect a paycheque". I was shocked to hear her say something like that.
Well, fast forward a few years and here comes her boyfriend, joining the ranks of these "uneducated union ranks".
I'm endlessly tempted to confront her and say something like, "so, you've lowered your standards and you're dating an uneducated union worker, eh? How pathetic for you!"
I know I won't say that, because I can't stoop that low, but I won't hesitate to bring it up if she ever says anything disrespectful to me.

Welcome to 2017.